Over 75 Years of Success and Counting


Since 1937 Display Studios has carried a strong commitment to serve it's many clients.  We are dedicated to providing innovative design, superior craftsmanship and friendly service.

• Custom Design

• Account Management

• Exhibit Sales and Rentals

• Custom Fabrication

• Large Format Printing

• I&D show services

• Logistics

• Trucking

• Warehouse storage


Our Award winning designers can turn your vision into reality!

With over 25 years of combined experience in the display industry, our designers understand the unique challenges of building exhibits in today's economy.  Always mindful of providing a maximum return on investment for our client, we know how to design exhibits that travel lightly, assemble easily and store with a minimal footprint.  We recognize that each client is different and start off every project by LISTENING to our clients needs and aesthetic preferences, in turn basing our designs on those requirements.


There are no "Design Divas" at Display Studios.  Our designers double as account reps and installation supervisors and frequently get involved with the fabrication and installation themselves.  In other words, when we say we can help you with each step of the process, we literally mean it!

Design Features:

• Conceptual Design Development

• Detailed CAD Drawings and Renderings

• Materials Specifications

• Pre and Post Production Graphic Design

• Exhibit and Graphic Integration

• Value Engineering

• Lighting and AV Integration

Large Format Printing

Custom Fabrication and I&D

Equipped with the latest in large format printing technology available, we can provide graphics of nearly any size, suitable for nearly any project.


Additionally, our professional graphics and print production team can provide design, layout and content assistance.  We will do what it takes to help you achieve your goals!

With 15,000 square feet of shop space, a painting studio and another 3,000 square feet of set up space, Display Studios has the capacity to handle any fabrication job.

Our carpenters, painters and designers are accustomed to dealing with unusual projects.  Being in the exhibit industry means that we must be able to work with and integrate multiple materials such as wood, lighting, plastic laminate, veneers, fabric, custom metal components, graphics and electronics.  Quality is our number one goal and we pride ourselves on finishing on time and under budget!

•  Wood & Carpentry

•  Metal

•  Metal Powder Coating

•  Plastics

•  Lighting Integration

•  Lamination

•  Retrofitting

•  Refurbishing

•  Custom Crates

•  Custom Cabinet Work

•  Wall Panel Systems

•  Custom Built Enhancements

•  Counters

•  Kiosks

•  Multi-Material Integration

•  CAD Layouts

•  Scale Drawings

•  3D Renderings

•  Color Renderings

•  Custom Estimates


•  Inspections & Repairs

•  Custom Painting

•  Wood Staining

•  Graphics Integration

•  Signage

•  Interactive Display Stations

•  Custom Office Furniture

•  And so much more!




Our Services don't stop at the production line!

Even as your exhibit is under production our logistics and shipping team is busy preparing

the most expedient and cost effective method of making the delivery to show or job site.

We explore multiple options and select the method that best meets the criteria for each shipment including: Display Studios own trucks, Old Bud Trucking (our trucking subsidiary), or major carriers that are familiar with tradeshow or exhibit shipping.


We have coordinated thousands of shipments locally, throughout the US and internationally.

Display Studios is capable of controlling your freight from dock to dock.


Having our own trucking division adds an uncommon layer of service for our industry and allows for a much higher than typical standard of protection for your valuable exhibit, throughout the shipping process.


Take advantage of our comprehensive trade show service expertise while eliminating the stress and effort of ordering your own show services. With our services you don’t have to concern yourself with paperwork and logistics.  We can do it all for you. We prepare all the necessary forms, coordinate the various steps and follow through on all details to make sure your project stays on schedule.


We can provide installation and dismantle personnel or coordinate through existing show contractors on a national level.  On-site supervision is available to ensure cost-effective, problem-free installation and dismantle.

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